I recently decided to update my website and used this opportunity to learn a new (though old) technology: CSS Grid.

I completely scrapped the old css (including bootstrap) and rewrote everything myself. I was surprised at how much I could do with so little SCSS since I’ve been used to using bootstrap and other such libraries that add thousands of lines of code. My current SCSS file is under 150 lines and doesn’t include any other css files.

Placing things in the page with CSS Grid is an absolute joy compared to trying to work for different screen sizes using bootstrap and I now would always suggest CSS Grid when starting a new project, especially if it’s aimed at different screen sizes.

I still have some work left to do, which I will continue working on in the next few weeks, adding updates like this one and maybe some lessons I learned along the way:

  1. Filtering posts by category (with the links already present in the menu).
  2. Adding pagination to the post list so it doesn’t go on forever.
  3. Adding more in-depth CSS for the posts themselves (inline code, code blocks, lists, etc).